Do you really have the choice? – SO-CALLED CHOICES


You may note that most of our life’s decision are taken out of mix of two motivations i.e. out of fear or out of positivism. You will see that each perception can take you to a different decision and unique dimension of life. In shadow of fear, our decision and choice is different. In shadow of positivism, our choice and path is different.

But can we choose it? It can’t be a choice as it our state of mind (our collection of experiences). Or we can say our reality. For other it could be different choice but for us this is the one. The thoughts we are carrying and how we feeling through them (or vice-versa) makes us choose the particular decision. So are our most decisions instinctive? For most of us Yes. It is. The thought-feeling-behavior connect is well established.

We can also say that our decisions are based on assumption of past and future (from the prism of past about the future). And that is our Reality of life. What we are forced to decide unconsciously are the footsteps we going to walk on, which are termed as choices (so-called). But in reality, we were always choiceless about it.



Now could there be a rational approach or choiceful approach at given point?

What I realize is. Yes!

The approach, which can make us aware about how and when are we hit or forced by our motivations be it fear or strength and at same time can make us stay unmotivated and unperturbed by both.

This approach is known as Meditative approach and the other choices will exist only then.



Abundant possibilities unlocks at this point as we can watch and know the futility and standards of our pre-conditioning and shun them. We can visualize and identify our compulsive Karmic Goals, which are forced upon us by habitual emotions, thoughts and instincts.  We can actually raise the bar, which is not possible in previous situation.  We can chose to disconnect. We can be out of the compulsive behaviors patterns and avoid falling victim of them again and again. That’s the possibilities.

Example of my Life (How I raised my own bar) –

I used to be too attached and touchy to given ideas of life. Being an artist my vision was limited to my reality, my ambition and my perception. The quality change that appeared in my life is I became open to life and even open to submerge or dissolve my reality for the better. I became less of a victim of my making but more into seeking.  Preserving my reality is no longer relevant or basis of existence.

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