Sound of Indian Folk Instrument Ravanhatha or Hast Veena, Traditional Violin

Ravanhatha Hast Veena Folk Instrument

The Ravanahatha also known as Hasta Veena, is a string instrument played with bow. It is said to be the oldest instrument in the bowed chordophone family.  Why it is called Ravanhatta because it is said to have its origin during King Rawan reign, which was based in Sri Lanka. So the instrument is both Srilankan and Indian. Hatha means hand so Ravan’s hand.

This instrument is also manifested as instrument played by musicians for royal families from Gujarat and Rajasthan. It is played at those locations mostly.

Some also says that it got adapted by Arabs and then instrument evolved into a new form and brought to southern Europe by muslim merchants and musicians in eight century. And same instrument later became the inspiration for Violin.


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