Why Indians abuse so much?

Abusive India
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Friends, I am a born Delhiite and I have seen every aspect of Delhi, every part of Delhi, low to high, government to public and problems of Delhi. I traveled many cities of India as Dehradun, Bhubaneswar, Surat, Baroda, Mumbai, Goa, Ludhiana, Jalandhar, Chandigarh, Shimla etc.  And due to nature of business, I have encountered Lakhs of people.

Have you ever thought? Why Every Delhiite and Indian is so capable of abuse?

What Kind of Abuse – Teri Maa ki, Baap ki, Behan ki..kind of.

It starts from school where there are those group of few students who brings it as a part of school culture. And when you face the roads, streets, you see abuses coming to your ears on and off and sometimes it’s too much. And these abusive culture is growing every year, just like your rental grow 10%.  Abuse all around It’s their standard way to express disappointment. From Rickshaw wala, to auto, to driver, to bus driver, to vendors etc.

Now Please Wait! Don’t assume or conclude that Rich or educated don’t abuse. No way! They generally avoid it just to show they are not at standard of Auto Drivers, Labors but given a chance, they are just equally or even worse to them. [Just YouTube]. Let me share 2-3 videos.  Educated and Rich Abuse as much, they just show sophistication until provoked.

Are they thinking when they abusing? These abusive words are actually part of their reality, their life. The unthinkable abusive Indians. Sometimes it is vocal inside in thoughts but not in words. Just observe

  • Abuse don’t come in front of parents. How come? It means, it’s subconscious & changeable
  • It’s just part of language and regular conversation as a slang. “Oh BC, I lost this or that!”
  • It’s being cool to be abusive in college, school. It’s a personality trait now.
  • It’s like cigarette smoking, I want to avoid but I can’t
  • It’s fashionable and freedom of speech. Even girls believe they are more honest when doing so
  • So it is just not expression of anger and frustration alone. Angry man can also show disappointment without abuse.

Who don’t abuse?

Only very few think that it is unaesthetic to abuse. I mean they are bothered about beauty, peace and a much civilized society? Or want to portray themselves as.

Or their education is so dominant on them that the life-style of abuse is much away. I have not seen doctors abusing much, I meant generally and mostly, their culture, their focus is altogether at different level.

Who is Responsible?

I think it’s our education system inability (incompetence, in-completion) to cut away, throw away the unwanted, unrequired, undesirable education, the self-imposed social and uncivilized behavior and curse. And furthermore able to develop a conscience, logic that can divert abusive energies to their own benefit.

Implications of Abuse

Abuse is Violence – Some say anger or abuse is release of negative energy and piled up emotion, which is good. But it’s a verbal violence, whatever you can’t do or fear to do; you imagine to do and speak. Taking the same argument ahead, if a killer wants to kill, allowing them to kill is a way of releasing their piled up instinct (then you label it as crime). In-fact law is just labeling them criminals after a point but not helping to change the person. It’s a wrong argument and direction, a strengthening of wrong habit because it’s not helping, we are becoming a more and more abusive society every day and justifying the same. To an extent that it has become acceptable to our regular life style. And there is no denying the fact that Most Indians are abusive.

What do you think?

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