Irrelevance of Supplements Media – Delhi Times and HT Live

Delhi Times and HT Live

Delhi Times and HT Live

The one decline of Media is when the term ‘High Profile Journalist’ came in to the profession. Journalism became a dream occupation to every wannabe Journalist. The ‘service to humanity’ principle was lost.

And when the journalists became celebrities or wannabe celebrity, they became ass-kissers to few and the paper model got lack of interest in the truth. The lost pride when any faker could be made the repeat news. They thought they are celebrity makers, no matter what. It is just like what rich with black money used to feel before demonetization.

From ass-kissers to shoe-lickers, successors follow the same route and turned more desperate. These supplement papers got full of deluded self-acclaimed arrogant journalist, wannabe high profile journo now. The English inferiors are showing their vocabulary in editorials, while the debaters turning into copycats.

The hammer of Social Media – The fake cult of only few stars from cricket and Bollywood is lost to thousands new unknown faces every day, social media have taken their mileage. TOI & HT Supplements look crap now.

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