Magic of Breathing – Changing your Mood & Energy

Breathing Therapy - Pranayama

Breathing Therapy - Pranayama

Magic of Breathing

Breathing Therapy (as some people mention it to distance themselves from term ‘Pranayama’) is gaining a huge popularity in modern generation today. I have been researching these topics for some-time. As we have been making music for Pranayama by Guitarmonk Records, and thought to write up & invite the experiences of practitioner in my Blog.

For thousands of years Indian yogis believed that many diseases are connected to exaggerated, changed or disturbed patterns of Breathing.

As per writings on Pranayama –

Left nostril is for calming down (represents the moon) whereas the right nostril is for energy (represents the Sun).

Breathing in through your left nostril will access the right-side “feeling” hemisphere of your brain, and breathing in through your right nostril. It will access the left “thinking” hemisphere of your brain.  So when you consciously alternate your breathing between either or both nostril, it allows you to activate and access your whole brain.

The same breathing patterns can be used for balancing yourself when you are feeling Tired or Cold, depressed or Heated-up (Headache, Angry, and Irritated) as they say.

For ex: – In Headache or anger, your right nostril is doing the most breathing. So you can balance it by closing right nostril and doing breathing for few minutes through left. On the contrary when you are tired, over-calm, cold or depressed you can energize yourself with right nostril breathing.

While 5-10 minutes of breathing or Pranayama claims to have lot of utilities as –

  1. Clean Your Lungs also – Removal of stale air and impurities with proper breathing
  2. Performance – Gives oxygen to Brain so better for students going to give exams etc.
  3. Better Sleep also – By focusing on left nostril breathing
  4. Balance Both Sides of Brain – Access to both left and right brain functions.
  5. Revitalization – Gives you energy when you feel tired
  6. Calm your anger or exaggerated thinking mind and relaxes you
  7. Others etc.

In my case I am doing pranayama for 2 years for around 5 minutes almost daily. To me it helped in better digestion and balancing my body as I eat a lot of outside food.

So please write me your experiences of Pranayama or Breathing Therapy so that I can post it my Blog.

Disclaimer – I totally disclaim myself from anybody practicing based on my article. I am not a Yoga or Pranayama expert but an explorer like you, so you need to find out yourself who is qualified to do so. I wrote this article to create a platform to gather facts from experienced people so that it is helpful information for all.

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