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Why Musical Employees engagement?

After conducting employees engagement for thousands of working professionals and plethora of corporate for more than 10 years now.  Here I want to mention other powerful reasons and leadership lessons that are adapted in an organization from a music activity and performance. This is something you need to know to explain your employers on utility of music from a team relationship perspective. Besides the various other psychological, social, physiological benefits of music (I discussed and wrote previously); .

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Music is increasingly becoming part of corporate as employee engagement tool.  It is also the same reason why school/college also emphasize on musical performance along with musical learning.


A CEO is just like a Music Conductor with team of talented people or musicians. He follows-up & take out performance from them at the right timing. Multiple performers bringing outcome, without any ego clash, at the required time, for the common musical piece.

Conductor-Music Director plans a music, hire talents & reward them. Furthermore guide them how to perform, stay accessible and visible to them. And above all holding an inherent respect for all talents, sharing the stage and credit with them. All these elements are so easy to comprehend through music. This is what describe a good team & leader.

Lastly, besides that all Musicians always share a natural passion, energy, heart, emotions, involvement and sincerity to task. Academicians-Employers are always impressed on this beauty of musician and musical performance, which they impress into their employees.

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