ISRO Style – launched 20 Satellites in a Go – What new generation can learn from it?

ISRO makes the new record and I am so Proud.

This is the one organization that inspires me a lot. We successfully placed in orbit a record 20 satellites, in a 26-minute flight. We surpassed our own last record of 10.

ISRO Sets new Record

Yes we don’t make un-necessary expenditure and that’s why today we are launching American satellites too. Our 20 International Customers are (Algeria, Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Indonesia, Israel, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Republic of Korea, Singapore, Switzerland, Turkey, United Kingdom and USA.

Yes we are not working to get likes and appreciation from these 20 countries on facebook or social media, we are working to get 20+ countries as buyers who may not even like us.

Check out this –

Let’s try to learn from it – 

SHOW-OFF – We budding generation is tempted to show-off via symbolism i.e. Big Cars, Homes, Mobiles or Lifestyle for reflecting life of success etc. This over-spending is not ISRO way. Are you spending to showing off? This is not a question of success but a question of financial disaster (or life and death) at times. SO LET’S NOT FALL IN TRAP but DO ISRO WAY. It may not look stylish or luteyans style (like America has been doing and spending thousands of crores on it’s space budget that ISRO don’t do or copy) but ISRO is WISDOM.

AVOID BEING A COPYCAT CUSTOMER – Relate it to our life or Education or Guitar Education or our Guitarmonk Experiences of thousands of students. A student can learn anywhere, even on roof and under a tree but a customer expect unwanted expenses.

Many Guitar Aspirants today expects a 5 Star facility but want to pay few hundred. But would that serve the Goal?

DON’T MIX LOOKS WITH SUCCESS – Do we need to be star-looks to be successful?

Yes We don’t need to look like a star to be winners. We rather need to be winners (even without looking like a star). IT’S THE ISRO WAY.

Let’s implement these three things in life.

ISRO Celebrates History

Choose your goal wisely and we become ISRO

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