My visit to Mathura & Vrindavan City – Banke Bihari, Prem Mandir

Scenic beauty of Vrindavan


Went for a long drive to Mathura, the city of Lord Krishna, associated closely to Vrindavan (city of thousands of temples).

I drove approximately 360 kms to and fro and had a wonderful time.

Long Drive to Mathura Vrindavan

The city of Mathura & Vrindavan expresses the history, philosophy of lord Krishna in manifold ways. This is my 2nd time to the city and I am a frequent visitor now.

This is Prem Mandir (Temple of Love)

Prem Mandir Vrindavan

This is on the way Kusum Kund (Flower Pond)

Vrindavan City

Lord Banke Bihari Temple

Banke Bihar Temple

Scenic beauty of Vrindavan

I took many more pictures and videos and I will share them more as soon as I get time.

Take care and have a nice day

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