My new music video – CARNAL SUMMERS – GOA Tourism

Goa Tourism - Carnal Summer - Music Video - Kapil Guitarist

Carnal Summers | Guitar Music by Kapil Srivastava | Goa Tourism

First of all this is our New Music Video – ‘Carnal Summers’ representing rich, multinational culture & tourism of GOA.

I composed it long ago & played it every now & then, is now part of our Guitar Trio with Nadja (Ukraine) & Chuck (USA). There is also a studio version that starts from 4:35 minutes. Enjoy the Goa and its look. This music is special dance music and reminds me of beaches in Goa Says Guitarist Kapil Srivastava.

Also some of the videos are contributed by regular visitors of GOA and we convey our special thanks to them. Which includes Alexander Popov, Michael, Svetlana & Carlos Martins, Chuck & Ndaja and our eatmind team.

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