Therapy Music for Meditation & Healing (Flute)


Today I am sharing you another full meditation and therapeutic music from our Kayotsarg Album Series. This music is performed on Bamboo (Flute) and comprise of Raga and OM vibrations, recorded for its therapeutic benefits. The music is named as ‘The Sunrise’ and video also manifest the blessing of SUN. It further tries to re-connect the losing human bond with the Mother Nature.

The music is awesome to hear when you want to de-stress yourself from hyper activity, anxiety, restlessness and wandering thoughts. It is also a word-less prayer to the almighty for the gift of this beautiful life and an offering of request for healthy body and mind from the Mother Nature.

It is best when listened and watched simultaneously while wearing a head-phone.

Venudhwani Guitarmonk Records

The music is performed by artist Pt. Sunder Lal Gandharva, who is a renowned and blessed flute artist from New Delhi, India. It is released under Guitarmonk Records. Hear out more excerpts at

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