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Meditation Music Guitarmonk Records

Long ago I started on a ‘meditation series’ named it ‘Kayotsarg’ music album series and put a lot of time, efforts and money on it. The concept was purely to make an album dedicated to healing or as – ‘Ragas for Healing’ and before it could have reached people, there came the dawn of smart mobiles and internet era and people have stopped buying CD’s something around after 2008. YouTube improved a lot. And as a result lot of my CD stock remain unsold & some un-returned too from planet m and music world stores across. I couldn’t even pitch it. And then gradually all these stores were like stripped off of their royal presence, with no customer and desperate rotten look, got closed almost around 2010. That was quite a sad sight to watch then.

I remember those days, when we used to call specialized people, engaging qualified music staff to research on ragas, was a direct cost at that time. Artist were paid huge good amount on per session basis, along with recording studio charges, so that these unique concepts would recover all investments and will make good return and then will keep it going. Anyhow I kept silently working on this concept without plan but at the slowest speed and we got a new break in education domain than publishing.

As it is said that Life is in continuous flux and evolution is the only way.  Year 2013 we started to re-start our publishing again and came up with new concepts of ‘guitarmonk radio’ for office, clinics and ‘gmtunetime’. Year 2015 we decided to share it at our ‘gmtunetime’ channel 1 by 1 via ‘Guitarmonk Records’ playlist.

Some of us are one of those music promoters who have seen both pre and post internet era of music promotion and marketing and experienced working on both platforms. Today it has transcended to a new zone and level, breaking old contemporary infrastructures via internet.

I wish you will enjoy our effort for Kayotsarg and do subscribe at to receive this music every now and then.

Love and Regards

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