The Journey Guitar Theme – Bollywood Movie Dubai Returns

The Journey Guitar theme image

Journey Guitar Theme


This is my 12th Solo Guitar Video at GMTuneTime Channel – ‘The Journey’.The Journey Guitar theme image

This is my own composition and now part of Bollywood Movie. I chose to include it into 3rd Season of GMTT as it’s my favorite tune and I am proud of it.


The Journey Guitar theme and mood transcends me to a spiritual time zone, like a time travel from several mornings to that one night, to state of restfulness, to forgiveness and so on.

This music seems like is able to contain and give expression to countless emotions and thoughts and that’s how it’s a journey from out to within.

This season and year 2015 we are working on lot of new concepts for GMTT.

Enjoy this music video and melody and stay connected at for more videos.

Thankful to Nitin Srivastava and Udit Goswami for Piano and Drums contribution in Video shooting.

Love & Regards

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