Guitarmonk Students share their success

Music Classes in Noida Guitarist Kapil

These are random collection of Guitarmonk Guitar Students bytes taken at different branches of Guitarmonk in Delhi and NCR. These are during the time when the student has finished the batch, or while they were still learning and our teachers recorded their experiences via anything they had be it mobile, digital camera etc. videos. We compiled these videos to share you the smiles and our student’s success stories at Guitarmonk.

Since Last 5 years, we introduced Guitarmonk CRP Program, which became a revolution in Delhi – NCR. This program has got more than 98% student turnout ratio, and a 100% guaranteed success so far on every registered student (of-course unless the student got absent in class or unwilling to practice due to their other priorities).

Guitarmonk CRP Guitar program has proved to be a new revolution and guitar education method, both online and offline as a good competition to even international universities methods, prevalent across 11 countries now.

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