Hothon se Choo Lo Tum on Guitar

Kapil Srivastava Guitarist India


This is my last song of the Bollywood special season of gmtunetime as “Hothon se choo lo Tum” by Ghazal Legend Jagjit Singh.

Those who are born before 1990’s know this melody well. It is from the 1980’s to end of 90’s, an era that used to be the ‘radio time’ without internet. And as such there was ample time for beautiful imaginations. This song used to come almost every day on radio and inspire us to a different level of relaxation, peace and romance.

I transcribed and played this melody solo on Guitar, improvised it with a faster tempo at the prelude and took some accidental chords and pauses at interesting points to give it a variety.

Waiting to share you my own composed season # 3 now onwards which is Indian Guitaroo. Check more of my guitar videos >>

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I am also sharing below the complete playlist of Bollywood Season on Guitar

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