Better Guitar Better Player Myth – Music with Homemade Broom Guitar and Shovel Bass

Street Musicians from Vienna performs excellent piece with Homemade Broom Guitar and Shovel Bass

Well, this is a video that would teach all music students that it is the energy and passion that works behind the good music performance and not expensive guitars and instruments. I have always told my students that foremost thing is to run your hands first rather buying an expensive guitars. Ignore this expense for time being. I have also seen a fact that most of them who bought expensive guitars failed. They couldn’t focus on what was needed first. Many retailers come to me and offer me 10% to 20% straight commission if I recommend their particular branded guitars to our student. They cost around 25k to 50k package but that is not ethical. I rather advise them to keep this money as an investment for your persistent education in music for next 1-2 year and so on and only focus on your skill development. Better Guitar Better Player is not only a myth but sometimes a distraction too.

I have seen players in my life that have given me goose-bumps through a broken instrument and played awesome rhythms on wall and tables. We have performed many songs this way and they are the ones you can jam with for hours. It is eventually the ability to play the instrument and knowing music that matters most and should be kept as the main focus and the foremost priority by every student.

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