Music Theory Master Guitar Workshop

Music Theory Master Guitar Workshop
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Music Theory Master Guitar Workshop

Many students are enthusiastic about learning the ropes of guitar playing and yet do not seem to truly see the importance of music theory for a beginner. In fact, students even try to avoid the topic on music theory and just want to skip that part of lesson. Yes, it’s true that many famous musicians may not even know how to read notes, but it is just one exemption from the rule.

Music Theory is the basic foundation of musicianship. Components such as note, chord, scale, mode etc. are parts of the structure of a composition. In order for musicians to communicate their music to other musicians, they will have to use a common language, and that is the Music Theory.

It is the standardized form or structure of an arrangement or a musical performance. Without it performers may not see eye to eye on how a work of music will have to be interpreted or performed. A formal training gained by an in depth study of music theories will enable a guitar player to go beyond just playing the notes. He can share the notes and be understood by other musicians without having to go through laborious process of showing actual placement of fingers in the guitar in order to play a chord. Also, from the basic knowledge in composition, one can create more elaborate melodies and express the musical ideas using different voices and instruments.

“Performers must understand the structure of every piece they perform and this is impossible without a solid music theory background.” says Kapil. It is a scientific way of understanding music and expressing the minute aspects of it. It is a method to engineer the song and compile it into a beauty whenever and however you want.

A lecture demonstration at Gurgaon Guitar School for senior students of music as a  one – session master workshop on music theory was conducted recently by Guitarmonk Master Guitarist, Kapil Srivastava.

Kapil conducts ‘master music theory session’ for music aspirants. The workshop covers the important terminologies, concepts and aspects of music theory valid for all instruments as a separate master class. The objective is to develop a strong foundation of basics and clear doubts that usually arise among students of  music.

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  1. I am very much interested to attend your class seeing this photo. But I am far flung. I am in Coimbatore, Tamilnadu. I play Guitar a little bit. But I want to fine tune my skills.

    • Thanks for comments. My other site is solely for guitar – This site I am running to personally connect my experience both musical and others to friends around. Let me know you want to associate with us musically. We are coming up with various musical video episode series for web and TV. Look forward to a hearing from you. Regards

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