My father’s special Mathi and Besan ki Barfi


Every year my father loves to be in Kitchen and make his two most delicious recipes as Mathi, and Besan ki Barfi during Diwali.  One is a namkeen while other is a sweet.

This Diwali he also takes out his time and solely prepares both of them. I love them both, primarily the first one and wish to learn this talent and apply it. Here is a mobile shot of both food by my father.

Diwali Food Mathi & Besan Ki Barfi


  1. They look yummy.
    This is something like…my dad takes over the kitchen in winters to make sonth ke laddoo…and I still wait for them every year.
    It’s just the way of expressing…that they are no lesser than our mums…lol…just kidding. They dont want to loose on a chance to show affection and involvement at home, which very few men do these days.
    Cheers! 🙂

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