Times of India or Times of Real Estate?


Got this interesting video made and shared by one of our volunteers at guitarmonk social.

If you see this video, you can observe a great change in approach of our media to a purely commercial media in light of cut-throat competition, growing innovation and need of more money to survive. This can be both looked from positive as well as negative perspective. And the negative aspect could be that the ‘real stories’ that ought to be covered don’t even get noticed or published by the media. They not only lose respect, mileage but the motivation in the print media when money prevails.

It is a check point for media to reflect and see what is the limit to all this? And what is the balance.  And if it’s in sync with the principles of journalism or are we need to change all that?

Why we buy regular newspaper and not just all kinds of magazines at our home? – A common man in general is sensitive to news and thing happening around him or her, and it is the reason he buys and read a newspaper every day. But when our newspaper is stuffed with so many advertisements, is it not over-using general public sentiment and emotion of trust by sending them almost 100 pamphlets sized advertisements everyday hidden behind the sentiment of PIOUS ‘NEWS or JOURNALISM’. It is irritating at times.

Time to Ponder!

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