New guitar batch at Noida

New guitar batch at Noida

New guitar batch at Noida

Today was the opening day of our new guitar batch at Noida of August 2014 session. It is going to be 2nd last batch of this year. Unlike other days, we had a very beautiful weather and drizzle, while we were driving to the Noida Branch.

I mostly try to give a visit (whenever I am in Delhi) at the opening days of complete guitar program in most branches. This is to give them insight and motivate guitar aspirants on how to proceed and look up your guitar for the next 1 year. How to see guitar and extract out benefits in different ways.

New guitar batch at Noida had 6 guitar students.  When I entered the Noida branch, we were greeted and welcome by students, who already knew me and read about me in Google. I was also accompanied by 2 more teachers as 1 being Mr. Nitin (Western Theory Expert) and Mr. Gaurav (Rudimentary Expert).

We shared a lot of experiences, and learning philosophies followed by a mini performance. One of the youngest students of the batch, who was already learning guitar for long time, played a song too. We had a question answer session and lots of fun before leaving the class in hands of Module # 1 teacher.

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