Mussoorie : The Queen of the Hills

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In Uttarakhand, a luscious green scenery has been luring both locals and tourists to come closer with nature. A breathtaking view of the Himalayas, with the invigorating breeze, and the rich flora and fauna make it a perfect choice for a sweet escape from all the stress and commotions of the city.

The way to the top of the resplendent hills is a long spiral road that would usually take around an hour to drive. And always remember to keep a watchful eye on the road. Don’t forget to blow your horn at every bend because some wildlife may also be crossing or another car might be  coming in at the same time.  Along the way up to Mussoorie Hills, you will also get to pass by the Malsi Deer Park and the prestigious ITBP Academy (Indo-Tibetan Border Police Academy) where recruited officers undergo initial training as well as specialization in counter insurgency operations, VIP protection, rock climbing and identification and handling of improvised explosive devices.

All types of schools can also be found in Mussoorie. Day schools, exclusive schools for boys and girls, co-educational schools and boarding schools have made the hills a home away from home for students who are as well charmed by the natural atmosphere and the high standards of education that are offered by the British-era schools. To name a few of the best schools found in Mussoorie, there’s Woodstock School, St. George’s College, Wynberg Allen and Oak Grove.

The landscape here must have been really that favorable and influential for Indian author Ruskin Bond, who pioneered in the growth of children’s literature in the country and later became India’s most beloved writer and was the pride of Mussoorie.

Our first stop was at the Cart Mackenzie Road for the Nag Devta Temple, which was built in 1838 and is dedicated to the God of Snakes, Lord Shiva. It was about 6km from the city center and has a cool vista of the Doon Valley and the Mussoorie. At the temple, we prayed for this trip to be blessed and safe until our return to Delhi.

Okay, so from a holy place we moved  to other attractions. Seven kilometers from the main Mussoorie city is the Mussoorie Lake. There we tried to paddle a boat and the area was a great picnic spot too for honeymooners and families. Thus, Honeymoon Inns and Hotels are sprawled in and around the area, so accommodations aren’t really an issue unless it’s peak season.

We managed to have some roasted nuts and steamed corn at the Mall Road, and since we wanted a real bird’s eye view of the hills, at an altitude of 2024 m, we reached the top of the Gun Hill through a cable car. Well, we opted to take the cable cars since we’re saving our leg energy for later plans. But for those who have a lot of time and energy to spare can reach the top after 40 minute hike.

After savoring the pristine air atop the hill, we then decided to go to Kempty Falls, which was around 15kms away from the center of Mussoorie.  The stunning falls are girdled by the mountains. We grabbed some chai from the tea sellers in the picnic area as we enjoyed the refreshing sound of the waterfalls and the relaxing view of nature.  Oh, and did you know how Mussoorie got its name? Well, basically the British imperialists named the area after the plants called “Mussoorie” which has been abundant in the region until now.

Oh Mussoorie…… I only came to visit but you seized me. I hope your beauty will not fade soon with the work of the greedy.

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