Mastery to Guitar Scales Volume One:  A must have for Guitar Learners

Mastery to Guitar Scales

This is a sixty-page book on the 48 scale routes to master all major scales of guitar. The guide book also serves as a forever exercise and practice routine activity for every guitarist be it intermediate or advanced. An in-depth discussion on guitar scales, being the basic foundation of understanding the art of guitaring and a step-by-step instructions on how to manoeuvre the 48 independent open string scale sequences in both ascending and descending, with different routes and fingering while keeping selection of open string notes as compulsory for each scale.

Mastery to Guitar Scales Volume One is a good start for every beginner to build up level of guitar scale in a professional way. Those who are in intermediate level can easily progress to advanced and continue to professional playing once good command in leads and comfort in delivery of tunes are achieved.

The book comes in both tabs and staff notation, 48 scale positions with practice chart, a video demo reference and a lot more and is reasonably priced at Rs. 495 for the print version (within India only).


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