‘RoG’ – a unique and rare Music Album of Indian Ragas on Guitar by Kapil

Ragas on Guitar, a historic guitar genre gift by Guitarmonk to the world


Guitarmonk releases ‘RoG’ – a unique and rare Music Album of Indian Ragas on Guitar

ROG Album is conceptualized by India’s leading guitarist Kapil Srivastav,with the objective of presenting Indian Guitars Tone & Indian Raga Scales music versatility. A person curious to hear Raga Scales, Raga Tones on Guitar or Indian Guitar & Genres must listen to this album that gives you multi-dimensional raga scales playing. The album fuses ragas scales with multiple genres and represents plenty of Fusion styles as Rock & Classical Fusion, South & North Indian Fusion, Arabian Fusion, and other pure Folk & Classical styles on Guitar etc. It further expresses instruments as Slide Guitar, Shehnai, Piano, Drums, Tabla, and Pakhawaj etc. apart from Spanish Acoustic Guitar. The album has 7 Raga based themes.

Representation of Indian RAGAS ON GUITAR (ROG) via Raga on Guitar Music Albums & an Online Guitar Course to the global community of guitar lovers

RoG (Ragas on Guitar) Course is now learnt by students in more than 10 countries as online.

RoG (Ragas on Guitar) Course | an untouched Guitar learning genre so far…Raga on Guitar is an untouched genre, as belonging to Indian music was experimented by a many but never have been applied formally on Spanish guitar.

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