Kapil’s life is a reflection of white and blue

kapil rooth na jana guitar

In his video tribute to the Centennial celebration of Bollywood, Kapil Srivastava can be seen sophisticatedly dressed in a white embroidered kurta while strumming Rooth na Jana on his beloved blue guitar.

White and Blue, being his favorite shades reflect his life and musical journey from being a teacher and now as a live performance guitarist. It describes how he has flourished from a simple music -inspired young man to a person shaped by artistry and great possibilities.

Kapil’s life is a reflection of white and blue, with the attributes of white as to simplicity and humility, Kapil Guitarist looks back past memories  of him playing Rooth na Jana  in his younger, inexperienced years. Along his persistence, diligence, enthusiasm and professionalism, he has become a self-made man whose exceptional guitar expertise was widely known and esteemed. While his liking of the blue hue, like the sky and water, signifies his confidence and the tranquility that he feels whenever he plays his guitar and gets absorbed in music.

Story by Hazel