Great Guitarist and Great Music Career – Are they relative?

One of my students asked me question about “Guitar music as a dedicated career in India” as:

“Sir, Can I choose to work, practice wholeheartedly on my guitar skills and try to achieve the best skills as like achieved by some of the best Guitarists of the world and then can I confidently rely on guitar as a career?”

This was In fact the same question I went through in my life. A great musician and a great music career is not always proportionately relative to each other.

You can be an average musician or even a learner and still can have a great music career. On the contrary you can be a great artist and still have an average or struggling career time. I have seen hundreds of examples in my musical journey and experienced many situations in my own life.

The artist career is dependent on industry platforms and scopes (and that’s a separate subject for an Artist to know about) whereas artist ability is another factor. Many average artists, fits well in available platforms and enjoy a much better earning, lifestyle, foreign trips etc. than those who are awesome, out of the world but still strugglers. The great ones, who are appreciated at every local street for their skill and expertise, are seen ending in same local streets with no work.

You can be the world’s best guitarist playing rock or say ragas genre – but they, who appreciate and jump on your music, will forever pay you for your livelihood for the life time?.And that is the moot question to build your strong career.

Most star musicians who have established themselves at a ‘Global Platform’ are the right ones picked at right time. They are indeed great talents but they are indispensable to ‘Sponsors, Investors and indeed good luck’

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  1. I’m an engineering graduate preparing for bank exams.I’m thoroughly frustrated about bank exams and all that shit.I have always been passionate about learning guitar and making a career out of it.I will be turning 31years next year.All I’m asking is that I’m I too old for “this” profession (playing guitar)?if no what are the career options?

    • I give u factual reply. In 2016 I met Nadja (you can check me and her together at She is a dentist from Germany. She diversified her line to a full fledged guitarist after being a mother of two. And today she is highly recognized guitarist. She is a professional. So answer is. No you are not at all late. Guitar has a minimum age not a maximum age at all. Infact the more passionate and more committed you are is the right age. But to build it as an earning profession as I already mentioned is to hook yourself to existing demographic platforms. So need to have a well organized plan and strategy along with training and practice. I happened to do a duet with Grammy Winner Padam Bhushan Pt. VM Bhatt and I asked him to answer same question. He also shared his thoughts on same on ‘Music as as Career’. Means to stabilize the income via anything to maintain the music. And then keep trying

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