5 great facts about music learning


The way we learn maths and don’t become mathematicians, music is now no longer an optional hobby or made for performances or only for the joy of learning. Music is indispensable to our lives today. Let me share you 5 great facts about music that you will love to know –

Why and how music learning is more than a hobby today? 

Rethink Your Music

  1. Considered as more important than computers – It’s is now more important than computers at elementary level (in schools in USA) due to its role in better/increased academic/spatial intelligence/cognition.
  2. Majority of engineers at Silicon Valley are practicing musicians – – A part of brain as ‘cortex lobes’ is more functional/grows when you learn/perform in music.
  3. Area of benefits for music learners – Some direct areas of benefits found out in sincere & consistent music students are – coordination of mind & muscles, improved hand-eye coordination, improved motor skills, use of left & right brain, intellectual stimulation, aesthetic appreciation, shared activity, high self-esteem etc. (and various other benefits at the spiritual/consciousness level).
  4. Part of corporate employees engagements – It’s also indispensable to corporate employee’s engagements. The areas of benefits are –  improved employees engagement, reduced attrition, improved performance and enhanced quality of work, improved team interaction, better feel good factor and work culture, positivism, reduced grievances, reduced tardiness etc. 
  5. Every student must have education in arts (National School of Arts & Association (USA)) 

‎”I have said many times — if I hadn’t been exposed to music as a child I don’t think I would have been president.” ~ Bill Clinton (Ex-President of America)

So music learning is now not just limited to ‘joy of learning’ alone but it’s helpful in complete personality growth of individual and i.e. why it’s now used/applied as a therapy, life-style, recreation, talent and better personality growth tool for everyone of us.

Wish you all the best in your music journey.

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