The iconic brothers and brotherhood


Just had a thought today that we have festival/days for every relation in a year be it father’s day, mother’s day, wedding anniversary, birthdays, Rakhi for sisters (to maintain respect, give privacy and also create a re-bonding in these relations) but there is no day for Brothers while our history depicts the highest ever love, surrender and commitment of relation between 2 brothers ‘Lakshman’ for his one and only dearest brother ‘Rama’

Brothers hold a strange love in their relation, a kind of shy, unexposed, hidden and passive one. And there is extreme care of like a mother, protectiveness like a father/brother, aspirations and surrender of like a son and a disciple, worship and commitment like to the God which is very apparent in the love of these two iconic brothers.

It is the potential of brother love which is so unique, pure, rare than any other relation but forgotten in today’s Indian scene..

Salute to the ‘Lakshman’ for his utmost surrender to Rama..

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