Property Mafia – 3: The worst, rotten, broken condition of flats in Delhi


An year ago I wrote two articles on my experience with Property/Real-Estate Mafia earlier. Here are their links –

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Here I present you another fact of real-estate. The following images are of many buildings and apartment at Vaishali Ghaziabad that are just 10-14 years old and people have stopped living there (except few who are risking their lives due to lack of money).

These apartments are also given legal notice by local authority that they may fall anytime.

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The Moot Question –

How long common man will make himself a fool by these builders?

This is unlike America where 1) Your flat price reduce with time, 2) And your construction quality is so good that your apartment holds life span of 60 years or 90 years so that your children and their children can enjoy the investment of their parents.

Think before you buy a flat as you are just helping these official thieves, real-estate mafia to make money on your necessity (and whom government has no control upon for obvious reasons).

Who say property buying is important?

Because it is the same old perception that is helping them to loot you. It’s injurious to financial health!

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  1. When I stayed in Mumbai, my friends warned me about many apartments because the city codes are substandard and even those codes are poorly enforced. Bribery and other corruption long ago infected the housing regulation departments.

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