Artificially ripened mango via chemical for more business


For the last two days I ate lots of mangoes and faced the worst in-digestion of its kind.

Let me tell you that I am one of those mango lovers who can live a day and more just with mango diet but for last many years I am not actually eating too much of it but just having a few handful mangoes a week.

I recently bought a new basket of mangoes from a street vendor as usual for this week eating. And since then I faced indigestion. I was just astonished and depressed on no valid reason of in-digestion when I am eating my regular loving food.

And these 2 days were too much tough as I couldn’t digest anything i.e. even my well cooked home food. And then suddenly I was told by my brother that I was eating these non-tasty mangoes before and with dinner.

I researched on facts of mangoes and found everything falling similar to my mangoes as being chemical mangoes.

All these mangoes are artificially ripened by using the banned chemical agent, calcium carbide – a known health hazard. (Source – Indian Express >>)

  • So when you find your mangoes having no aroma and you actually need to press it hard on your nose to smell it then make sure that it is a chemical mango. And this was same with my mangoes.
  • Natural mangoes skin should look thin & soft and where as my mangoes were hard and with rough feel.
  • My mangoes also looked green, wrinkled – means that they are harvested immature.

I am very disappointed with such practices by traders for business. I wish that atleast greedy traders can leave food for the sake of life because eventually it will come back to them.

Felt to share this experience on my blog. I want to mention that select your mangoes carefully and better avoid them if you are in doubt.


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