Mastery to Guitar Scales

mastery to guitar scales book-kapil

Mastery to Guitar Scales Book

Total Pages – 60

(Including Tabs, Staff Notation, 48 Scales Positions with Practice Chart & much more…).

Mastery to Guitar Scales Book Kapil Srivastava

Who is it for?
48 scale-route sessions is a foundation for every beginner and they will take a good time months of regular practice to play all scales. This session and book will take you easily from intermediate to advanced level. Advanced Guitarist must practice all 48 routes practice so that they look professional and can have a good command in leads and comfort in rendering lead pieces/tunes easily.

Mastery to Guitar Scales Book (From the Author)
My reason to bring this book is to offer a great practice routine, exercise to Guitar Learners. It allows you to work on 48 independent open string scale sequences in both ascending and descending, where you encounter a different route, fingering and selection of open string notes while you ascend chromatically.

“It’s all about approach to your guitar, this type of scales workout is a professional approach to master scales and it’s the fact that differentiates between academic guitar schools students (beginners to advance) vs. professional guitarist. Most Guitar Universities limits the scope of guitarplaying to mere position knowledge as singularly. And that’s why you don’t see students going much ahead despite they have got all academic knowledge. It’s also a reason for importance/need of ‘Guru Shishya’ Tradition (one-o-one and in-person learning with teacher) to develop professional approach to your playing. Professional approach is more hardcore, concentrated.”


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