The magical coincidence of Rs. 90


After working for a many hours today, sitting in front of computers, I thought to have a break and decided to visit local market and eat something. I was joined by my brother and his friend also.

My mother also told me get small cheese, butter from the market. Now here is the story –

  • 1st I went to local ice cream vendor and took 3 milk bottles to drink, Bill was Rs. 90
  • And then I  went to cheese vendor and bought half kg cheese, Bill was again Rs. 90
  • 3rd I went to a bakery shop to eat Dhokla and Pastry. Dhokla was not very fresh, I tasted it and thought to avoid and finally settled with 3 pastries and nothing more. At the time of Bill I was again asked to pay Rs. 90. I was amazed with game of Rs. 90 always.
  • And the lastly I went to grocery store to buy some bread, butter, chips for home, Bill was Rs.  88 around, he had no change and gave us two toffees, It reached Rs. 90. I smiled at the vendor.

I re-pondered on subject of numerology today. This is a unique co-incidence of division of Rs. 90 at four consecutive times with 4 vendors. Just thought to share this story with you.

Have a nice day!

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  1. Few days before most of the bloggers were telling that they are seeing numbers like 11:11, 12:12 in their digital clock. Now this. Lets wait for other blogger’s comments also in this unique happening 🙂

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