The Idiocity of Iron Man # 3

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After being inspired from the first 2 Iron man movies and having watched both in DVD at my home. I thought to try this 3rd movie with 3d effect in Theatre.

Now see the co-relation –

We were 3 people who went to see the movie and the movie also has 3 front-end characters i.e. 2 heroines and 1 lead actor Robert Downey, Jr. (Tony Stark).

Need not to mention that it was the 3rd part of Iron man series.

And when we have watched it, we looked like 3 idiots.

This I found to be the most illogical and worst plot for Iron Man. I wonder if the directors really analyzed it? or just wanted to amuse school kids.

Look forward to a better movie by Jason Statham this year.


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