SHE – a poem on mother’s day by my friend Hazel

Here’s a tribute to all the brave Mothers out  there, in celebration of Mother’s Day this May 12. We recognize and salute all your efforts in surviving motherhood, the best yet toughest job in the world. We honor you, dear mothers. This world will never be a good place without you. Happy Mother’s Day!


Like a flower

In full bloom

Thorny but sweet

Such wild beauty

Nurturing the young buds of the future

You are like an oasis

Thriving in the desert’s ground

Surrounded by beasts

You are threatened to be savaged anytime

But your intrepidity  dominates the brutes

Enduring the throes of oppression

You are out to prove

That a flower isn’t just a decoration

But a subtle force

That can change the world with compassion

You are the rose that goes by any other name

But the sweetest name

That you ever shall be called is “Mother”

Yes, a mother is but a woman of the world!

By:  Hazel D. Planco


(C) Hazel Delgado Planco


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