I’m a foodie: Indian Samosa – my love with Samosa once again

Dear Friends,

Did you ever try Indian Samosa?

Here is a shop just few meters away from my home ‘Heeralal’ and it made me fell in love with Samosa once again.

I used to love this fully fried appetizer during my childhood and teenage times (at one of my other homes in Delhi). I stopped eating them because the quality deteriorated and I lost the taste of it.

But last year I found this shop – ‘Heeralal’ and thought to try it in emergency and the taste was awesome – crunchy, fresh and with balanced ingredients. Since then I have tried it tens of times (always 3 times a week).

It makes the best Samosa in Delhi. And @ Just Rs. 10 per Samosa, it’s a complete diet and is very fresh. You will see a long queue of waiting customers and all these Samosas get finished in just few minutes every eve. Many customers leave the shop without having one. And many other wait for almost 30 minutes for same. This vendor sells around 10,000 Samosa every eve. And to avoid disappointing customer,  he has also introduced a slip number to serve Samosa on first come first served basis.

Just took some mobiclicks to share with you. 

FYI, A Samosa is triangular shaped, fully fried sandwich, stuffed with potato, dry fruits (depending upon vendor to vendor) is a very popular appetizer here in Delhi. You will find 1 Samosa vendor at every other street in Delhi.



  1. So after reading your article I got to know there’s some heeralal samose wala in Delhi. That’s another thing that one would have to search entire Delhi to locate this Heeralal, since there is no address mentioned.

  2. Please. Taste samosa in my city kanpur. Here munna samosa is a famous samosa shop at govind nagar kanpur.
    Awosem taste. Indias best samosa I taste. I think every body should test it. Very famous and since 35 year about this name running in kanpur.

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