I am a foodie: Got a new Godly taste of European food at DiGhent Cafe, Gurgaon

Dear Friends,

Today I visited Di Ghent Cafe, Gurgaon and I found a new Godly taste of food. Rare are occasions in my life when it happens to me. I always wonder that life blessed me with a new RASA (JOY).

Fresh, hygienic, quality oriented and I never eaten such fresh and light taste ever before. This cafe is much ahead than any Costa coffee or cafe I ever came across in my life.

It demolished my old perception and re-established my new experience. The old perception is that “something you don’t know or never tried is risky to try” – It’s a myth in case of food as you may be missing something very good and fresh.

New established fact is (I also mentioned in my last foodie story on growing glamour in foods…) – The fact is locals that establishes their brands with love, emotions care too much for their clients, customers for their feel good experience, quality, hygiene and health.

I tried pasta, non veg sandwich, chocolate drink and lastly their special cake. Amazing!

I asked the reason of such light and awesome taste. And then the reason became apparent to me as the food is imported/outsourced from its original source i.e. Belgium and other parts of Europe. The concept of this cafe is providing authentic taste of Europe to expats in India.

So friends if you ever visit Delhi and want to have European food experience then go to Gurgaon NCR and have a feel of European taste in Indian Territory and Indian way at DiGhent Cafe. This Cafe is at Cross Point Mall, Gurgaon. You can catch them at Facebook Page – http://www.facebook.com/DiGhent

Got some pics of cafe to share with you –

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