I am a foodie: Khan Chacha Kabab specialty @ Khan Market, Delhi

Dear Friends,

Today I visited one of my old and favorite restaurant ‘Khan Chacha’ at Khan Market, Lodhi Road (India).

Khan Market is Delhi’s most visited market by International Tourists. It’s also one of the most expensive and lavish markets. Although small in size yet unique in its own. The best thing of this market is various food joints, restaurants that you won’t see anywhere else in Delhi or anywhere.

My favorite is ‘Khan Chacha’ restaurants and its Rolls (chicken tikka roll). It is specialized in Kabab Rolls, Biryani, Korma etc. The quality of food is awesome but a little expensive. I say it because I have tasted Karim’s.

Karim’s is still in my top list for every reason be it value, taste. But Yes Khan Chacha is also A quality.

Took some mobiclicks of both Khan Market and Khan Chacha restaurant. !

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  1. Hi Kapil sir, thanks for the post. The chicken delicacies as you described really sound delicious! I have not been there so far. But I really wish go now 🙂

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