Know your goal before joining a guitar course | so what’s your goal?

Know your Guitar GoalsFriends, Guitar is one of the most popular instruments ever. It’s the richest instrument musically that can play & express any genre. Guitar industry is very large commercially and comprise of diversified opportunities. It’s a dedicated subject/talent/art too just like any other sincere subject, which is scientifically learnt and can be taken to any level.

You can use guitar in many way i.e. as a fun, a show piece of art/beauty, becoming a centre of attraction, a demonstration of your talent/ skill & performance, entertainment for others, as a therapy and medium of self-expression, or as a connect to spirituality. People spend years/decades and keep exploring this instrument in diversified ways for diversified goals. There is only a start of it and once you learn its grammar completely, you become open to the sea of creativity. You create your own identity as a ‘guitarist’ in it and it becomes a reflection of your ‘own’ self/ism.

When you say you want to learn guitar it’s very mandatory that you set your first goal in it. So that your’ learning time is not disappointing to you after few months. And you don’t come out of it as ‘nothing’ eventually (which happens in most cases).

In case you have difficulty in setting your goal then let the music counselor help you. They will identify your music interest, aptitude level considering your all constraints and will boost your confidence and guarantee your success.

My advice is that whenever you are dedicating time on something then make it a value for you rather keeping it no-where or anywhere.

Know Your’ Goal

So here I categorize 4 types of goals for you in learning Guitar. 1) Activity for Time-pass, 2) Recreation & Value for Time, 3) Skill/Talent Development, 4) Career

  • Goal of Activity for FUN – When you have a basic curiosity & infatuation for guitar; you are a fun-seeker seeking a time pass & have no intention to put extra time & effort as demanded by a particular subject (Guitar). You can’t mold your time to achieve/expect any extra advantage through that hobby/art/talent but can only invest time on it as per your availability, budget and comfort zone. You are happy if you are given customization.

If you want to pick your guitar in this way then it’s only good when you have to build your interest and get counselled. It’s not good when you have assumed that this much is enough. For example you want to start body building/gyming and can only give 1 month (not bad to have a feel/taste of it but one month is not enough anyway). It’s you who have to understand subject and not subject has to understand you.

Guitar is not a spa or massage activity. It’s a participation activity and you are a performer in it. You will learn something but miss a many things in a short duration activity. No good teacher can exclude a topic of music grammar and reduce it in your given time. Your finger muscles will take time to grow. You need consistency and discipline. From a theory perspective (for example) – I cannot avoid teaching you music concepts, rhythms because you gave me less time.

  • Goal of Recreation & Independence – You want to see/enjoy/achieve values & benefits from something you are investing your time, money i.e. by way of health, recreation, knowledge, a level of skill etc. You want a structured program that can let you achieve it in a fixed time.  You need no more investment  in that subject in future (to maintain/enhance your recreation, knowledge). You are interested to make a onetime investment and develop you interest and become independent after.

If this is your goal, you are going to build a lifetime talent, hobby for you. Yes, this is the way you can learn an instrument like Guitar in a better way.. Join a structured program (of limited time frame) required to complete its grammar. (I will guide you on how to select a guitar program in my later articles.)

  • Goal of Artistic/Talent/Skill development – You want to be a live performing artist/guitarist and build a musical talent or add/attach guitar to your musical talent. This goal is possible when you are passionate for music. You want complete knowledge, support and care to be able to go to your desired level of music ability. You must have time, commitment to practice your music daily without compromise.  

You should first test yourself on how much consistent you are in music and this goal will follow you on its own. Develop gradually and stay persistent. 

  • Making career and income through Music – Here you have to delve yourself in to a professional system that can train you for diversified music income opportunities in a certain demography/territory/industry. It comes at a later stage. You can’t decide to build a career in music without doing anything in music. Be persistent first and then you can explore the scopes of music as a career much better.

So whenever you feel to join any guitar learning course. Know and verbalize your goal so that your learning is a value to you. Express this goal to your counselor and let them direct you on how you can achieve it? They must also help you with case studies, similar students’ examples and facts also. Hear experiences of old students, see their performance videos. Analyze how they are developed from zero to hero and then you will feel confident of your decision.

Be it 1 month or 1 year, it’s always good that you have enjoyed and felt satisfied with whatever time you spent in guitar learning.

Wish you all the best in your music journey.

Love and Regards

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