Growing too glamorous and irresponsible advertising via food brands

What do you think is the reason behind these attractive, happy posters in food restaurants?

Are they helping your hunger or boosting your appetite, immunity? a BIG NO

It’s because these showrooms reflects and associates the other desires of life-style, beauty, recreation, glamour, success, freedom, money (that everyone craves for) through their foods.

Have you not heard the Domino’s Tag Line of creating a very strange connection of PIZZA or so called unwanted, expensive Pizza with Life i.e. –

  • ‘Yeh hai celebration ka time’–  means..This is the time of celebration
  • ‘Decorate the crust of your rishtas with toppings of happiness’ means..Decorate the crust of your relationship with toppings of happiness (but yes you must pay for those toppings and the more you pay, more happy you will be)
  • Happiness Home Delivered – This is the most interesting one and I think that what else are we waiting for? Just Happiness..

Friends, I am visiting these restaurants for a long time and what I am observing is the ever-growing glamour appearance but deteriorating hygiene and taste. Food is now a business commodity delivered via labors without any reverence.

Another of my experience of Cafe Coffee Day, Barista & Costa Coffee. I have spent thousands of rupees in these restaurants. But the pleasure and taste that I get now in a Rs. 6 ($0.12) tea made by my local tea stall is far spiritual and rejuvenating than an artificial $2 machine tea they give (which just sucks me at times).

I am not denying the success of these brands but there is a worthless price it imposes on innocent, hypnotized consumers (via their very expensive, tasteless products) on the name of same lifestyles (via advertising) for making profits.

Took some mobiclicks of – Haldiram’s, McDonalds, KFC to share with you. 

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  1. Thanks for this post. This has been an issue in the US for a very long time. I was lucky enough to grow up in the Pacific Northwest where the Slow Food movement and buy local took root in the US. I was in India last year and very sad to see some chain places popping up. I agree that the best Chai I had was at the corner stall and the best food I had was home cooked. I hope that if India looks to the West it is not to emulate us, but to learn from our mistakes. Lack of real food is one of the biggest one’s we have made.

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