Wrist Care (Part – 2) – 5 Tips to recover when you are injured

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So what to do when you have got yourself injured? Here are some tips that you can use to overcome injury.

  1. Take rest – Give your wrist some time to recover say upto a week.  Don’t try to over-do your practice. Avoid performance. Care your hands.
    I wish you don’t have to use the pain-killers ever and just rest is enough. But in extreme cases, you have no choice but to take pain-killers to relax yourself.
  2. After rest – Recover to regular Guitar playing as gradually i.e. with soft warm ups and short period playing – Start with 5 minutes and increase to more minutes in next days and return to normal length of playing time. Also be choosy about exercises. For example – I have a set of around 70+ finger muscles training exercises. Not every exercise is meant for everyone, every stage or every level. I do some exercises based on requirement of hands and with adequate preparation.
  3. Use Wrist Supporter – There are wrist supporter that can help joints relax immediately. I have seen cricket bowlers use it. They can be available from local pharmacy and chemist or sports, drug store.  You can use it when needed and they contribute healing.
  4. Take protein and necessary vitamin rich diet to recover fastA good diet has no substitute indeed.
  5. Visit Doctor – If the problem persists, visit a specialty doctor as reflexologist, physiotherapist.

And lastly when you are cured, indulge yourself in prevention tasks and some wrist, arms exercise (be it Yoga) in your daily regime.

Wish you all the best in your guitar journey.

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