Wrist Care (Part – 1), 5 simple tips that will keep you far to guitar wrist pain and injury

11_Wrist ImageProfessional and hardcore practicing guitarists carry risks for several types of physical pain. Some of the common problems faced by a guitarist are back pain (arising from wrong sitting position, wrist pain, finger pain, elbow pain etc).

Please keep in mind that we give thousands of hours and years in our instrument and thus we over-train our muscles too much as compared to a normal person and any wrong habit can easily lead to injury.

So let’s first know why it happens?

In my case, there came the wrist-pain. I drive, I play guitar for 4 hours and then again drive. I never used strap etc.

Any guitarist who practices a lot can suffer wrist pain. It mostly happens to your left hand that forms chords on the guitar fretboard (i.e. to right handed players) or vice-versa.

A quality guitar performance wants stronger tendon muscles. Strain comes when you –

  • Apply enough force to press on strings for playing ultra-clear notes
  • Bend the wrist around the guitar neck and shift your fingers rapidly
  • Sometimes do wide-stretch with your little finger (this give extra strain on tendons)
  • You do repetitive movements of same types and keep giving strain on tendons

So here I am sharing you 5 Prevention Tips to avoid such risks –

  1. Doing a simple warm up exercise always – One simple thing is to have a rubber ball and squeeze it few times i.e. a minute or so (note that this is a prevention and not cure).  Don’t do it when you are injured as it will aggravate the pain. But this is a good one, recommended workout for guitar players.
  2. Strengthening your wrist & building muscles – Give it more strength by doing simple wrist exercise with a light dumbbell in each hand. This exercise is done by moving your wrist back and forth for 8-10 repetitions in 1 round. Do it for 3-4 rounds or say few minutes.
  3. Relax and release in-between playing – Shake your hands to throw off the tension. Change your motions, relax, rejuvenate, walk, talk, shake, drink etc. i.e. just break the monotony of your hands.
  4. Develop your Guitar pieces gradually – Follow your guitar workouts in a scientific way. It’s dangerous to jump to hardcore exercise without building the base for it. You have to reach to a hardcore training level as step by step and in time.
  5. Know where your go out of the board or towards over-training – Some Key points –
    1. Don’t grip the guitar neck too tight
    2. Bring your wrist well in front of the neck so that it helps your fingers reach notes easily and you don’t have to over-stretch unnecessarily.  If you hold your neck right, you can catch notes without strain.
    3. Use Strap – Use your strap to hold Guitar neck in a diagonal way rather horizontal. Playing without strap adds unwanted tension to your wrist whereas using the strap take off that tension. And above all it makes your playing very smooth and more controlled.

So friends if we care our hands they will play a lot more better music.”

And I wish you all the best in your guitar journey.

Love & Regards

Kapil Srivastava © All Rights Reserved | kapil@guitarmonk.com


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