Near-to-death tragedy escape

I escaped a very strange, near-to-death tragedy today. If you have ever watched the Final Destination movie series, it’s something opposite of it that happened to me today.

I have enclosed the picture of this very hard and thick wooden segment of a double bed, which is kept at the balcony for last many weeks. It’s safe because it’s placed in slanting way and is very heavy to drop in straight manner.

Now here is the incident –

Today I came to my balcony (during afternoon) to eat some oranges in the sun light. I thought to absorb the sunlight and get vitamin D for 10-15 minutes. So I picked my folding chair and kept it in a way that my back is facing this wooden segment. I want to mention that there was none activity so far for hours at balcony before my visit.

Even during my presence there was no sign/noise of wind and it was all still, peaceful and silent. I was enjoying the oranges (Peeling them 1 by 1 by keeping them on my lap) and then suddenly this wooden segment hit my back. It was a sudden hit, in between fraction of seconds and I realized nothing. I kept eating and finishing the oranges while it stood on my back as I was unable to move up my head and neck (my head was down as I was peeling off the oranges). So when I tried to lift it with hand and moved my head above. I was shocked to see the 3 inch long screw, just missing my head.

I went in strange astonishment of numerous coincidences in this incident. I couldn’t solve the riddle that

  1. How come this heavy piece of wood, fall automatically, without any reason, when it never fell in history? AND
  2. The wood is so heavy which is enough to pierce my skull via that protruding screw and it just missed me with just inch/es or so.

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How come both coincidences happening at same time?  What made it fall and what made me safe? 3) How come my placement of chair is so lucky & strategic?

I discussed this incident with few of my close people, but nobody understood the sensitivity of it. They all took it as the regular thing because they were all seeing me as very energetic, happy. But to me, it’s not a regular thing. It’s very strange and weird..


  1. So dangerous to read your story. Thank God, for He has protected you amidst great danger. I feel it is a sheer Providential Escape. God must grant you long life for the sake of guitar lovers like me and every guitar fan, who is craving to learn this instrument. Long live Mr. Kapil Sir.

  2. One negligence is enough for an accident. Sometime multiple negligences nullify each other. Never take chance with sharp objects. Nothing is in fallible. I would venture to suggest that your place needs a safety audit. find some friends to do it. It is your second chance to please use it. Treat it as urgent.

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