Music & Technology – Tablet phone – is a handy & utility gadget for musicians/students


I bought this new Fun Tab a few weeks ago just to have more of music fun and time. But it actually became a regular utility gadget for my practice and various other music works. Other than that it’s really a nice experience to feel more of everything of music be it music applications, software, videos, audios whatever. It’s much bigger than something I used to do or can’t do on my small sized phone. I now do a lot of my music works on same, some of the specific music tasks & requirements are now easily workable through this. Although I am not using it as my phone yet but this is a handy & utility gadget for tech savvy musicians.

Music & Technology (Session) –  I just finished on various must need applications/software that every music student must keep and various others requirements one can work upon. It’s now a full fledged session for all my students. This is now being attached as a formal Guest Session for Guitarmonk Students too.

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