World Suicide Prevention Day (10 Sept) – A Poem by my friend Hazel Planco

Dear Friends, 

At 8pm on September 10, 2012,  The International Association for Suicide Prevention and the World Health Organization would like to invite everyone to participate in the worldwide Light-a-Candle activity. Let’s all join this special activity. It is dedicated to the World Suicide Prevention Day, to remember a lost loved one and for all the depressed who are thinking or even have attempted suicide. Let’s light a candle so those who are living in the darkness brought about by depression will see that there’ s light and there’s hope! Let’s do our share in saving lives! Be someone’s guiding light! 


(felo-de-se the act of suicide or a person who commits suicide.)

I have built walls around me

As I hid inside my shell

I’ve also pushed people away

And kept all the pain and sorrow inside me

I’m drowned by my own tears

I’ve struggled for years to face my fears

I was so lost, I felt so alone

I am very depressed

Everything now seemed hopeless

With no one to call my own

My life has been shattered

My dreams have been crushed

I am nothing, I am nobody

I am but a worthless person

All I see is darkness

Perhaps death is the only way out

For the pain I feel is too much to bear

And no one seems to care at all

I was abandoned, and isolated,

Taken for granted or disregarded

I became invisible in everyone’s eyes

I see no reason for my existence

I am living in a world of hopelessness and lies

What is the purpose of living

When I don’t even know what happiness means

It feels like all the world’s burden

Had been cast upon my shoulders

I don’t deserve all these

Perhaps if I commit suicide

It’ll free me from all this pain

Everything might fall into place

If I simply shot myself and bleed to death

The pain inside me will be more valid

If I let the blood flow along with my tears

Maybe when I reach my death, my troubles will also end
Who will grieve for me anyway?

It’ll just be merely a passing death

Because none of you were there for me

Not even tried to understand me at least

But if I kill myself now

I will also no longer be able to see

What could have been on the other side

Of the blinding darkness that has clouded my senses

Because amidst all these

The only reality is I am dying to seek help

Hoping it’ll come the soonest possible as it can be 

Will you be kind enough to listen to me

I don’t need you to sympathize nor err with me

I just need someone who will lend his ears

Or a shoulder to cry on so to speak

As I am now knocking on death’s door

I hope for once, you’ll take one last look of me

And spare me some of your precious time

All I need is to let this feeling out

Or else you’ll never know what’s it all about

For I will carry the story upon my grave

That day might be too late

For you to ask why

Because death has already taken me

If only you can take me now out of the darkness

And make me believe that life is more powerful than death

Please, please! All I need now is your help

Please save me from a hapless death!

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(C) Hazel D. Planco (Author)


  1. Wow. This is potent. I talk to people like this all the time and have often spent the night with them on the internet, just to keep them alive. I wonder where they are now, as we drifted apart later in life. If someone is reading this and wishing for someone to hold their hand in the dark, write to me. I’ll be there for you.

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