Punjabi dinner @ ‘Walk in the woods’ restaurant, Ghaziabad (NCR)


Tried this new restaurant ‘Walk in the woods’ today. Forest type ambiance..! Good to spend some private time in dark, chilled environment.

And for me..the ambiance is preferred over food 🙂 😉


  1. Pathetic restaurant and manager (management). This is not at all a fine dining but a different version of fast food restaurant. Three times the manager came to our table asking us to wait outside if we are not ordering anything because we were waiting for few guests. While the starters were being served they started to as us for the main course. When the meal was over the manager came to us and said to pay the bill in the counter because guests were waiting. When argued and questioned the manager says you have occupied the table since 8 o’clock, where does this happen in fine dining? Worst place I have ever seen with worst management. Seems they have kept illiterate people in the team. Asked for feedback form, they did not provide neither gave the phone number of their promoters. Food was also below average. The dish dahi ke Sholey was nothing more than Dahi bhalle fried. All their staters had lots of Garam masala and black Pepper. Shame on such a restaurant and management who knows nothing but to argue with the guest and the type of disrespect given to their guests is beyond words. Please do not go if you want to relax and enjoy your meal.

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