@ India’s Premier Schools Exhibition, Noida


Today I attended India’s premier schools exhibition at Noida. It was really an awesome experience by meeting India’s leading schools representatives and seeing their unique education model.

There is a great change in modern school education vision and philosophies now as compared to my school times. Today all of them are open, focused for music/ arts as a mainstream subject rather taking them as just extra-curricular activities. In my view, this change has taken place after a long wait and wider outlook. Although it will take good time to practically implement it to local schools but it will greatly influence the mindset of parents, general public on their perspective of teaching arts/music to their kid and choosing an artistic career for them. This is indeed a revolutionary change for today’s generation and alas! many of my generation/friends has missed this artistic opportunities during their school times.

At last it was all very inspiring to see such remarkable education opportunities we’ve in India now :). Look forward for more education meet-ups.

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