Guitarmonk – a standalone brand and concept reaching global territories

Bridging Guitar education to its very core and bringing out an Indian superior model, with Indian USP, reaching global territories, among all international brands.

Kapil Srivastava talks on the guitarmonk research division and guitarmonk as an emerging global brand in next 5 years –

The right and systematic education in Spanish guitar is still an idea that needs to be dealt sincerely in music academics in India. The popularity and versatility of Spanish guitar for decades in Indian light and pop music, particularly bollywood, declare its roots in the Indian culture.

However substantial guitar Industry globally is only focused on guitar sales and rigid/finite guitar education. The rigidity of guitar learning never brings out a complete musicianship where as music is so diversified, rich and full of content.

Foreign School Curriculum Trap –

I will miss to hit the right note if I don’t talk here about foreign music curriculum trap i.e. the books rotating in the market at a very high price to capture massive Indian psychology but no musicianship.

This correspondence curriculum of foreign certificate tag is wasting a lot of time; effort of music student innocence, is no way even near to developing a musician. Musicians are never formed by just mugging tunes indeed.

Professional Guitar Learning & Work Platforms

Most professional guitarists in India get their education privately and besides that they are also self-taught musicians. The local guitar institutes hardly touching the professional needs of a music student from basics to performance. How many sincere Indian guitarists we have in India? Even if they are, they are handful and they are always band members.

The diversification of music in guitar and scope of platforms demand a greater perspective and effort to bring an institution that could meet the educational and professional needs of a guitarist and also a musician. Needless to say that this demands a deeper analytical investigation of all styles, platforms, opportunities and support needed by a musician to achieve a healthy career as a guitarist or as a musician.

The requirement is both to develop and link up the education with creative job platforms which are empty. An additional effort is to be made to fill and create demand in various diversified platforms for Guitarists.

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