Treat your MUSIC as your PROPERTY

“……….I am facing a multi-billionaire personality (and all his scared assistants around). He is the owner of chain of Shopping Malls, Apartments and one of the renowned Real Estate Brands of India…….”

Well this meeting took place to do a cultural event at one of the prominent malls of Delhi around 2 years ago. The manager of the mall requested us to also meet up the MD & owner of the facility before we actually start the event. He also wanted me to show his MD my vision of music (which he was very much convinced of). I want to mention that we already had 2-3 meetings and many discussions/agreements with the mall manager who wanted us to invest on Artists, PR and use his space for conducting an event. We were not interested for the event initially as we were seeing our direct cash involvement in the subject and also wanted the mall to contribute something more (as direct cash) besides strategic space. But later with an idea to invite sponsors, we agreed to invest on event and go for a feel-good meeting with the MD.

The Meeting Day #

As all documents were pre-shared, this meeting was supposed to be a formality. I reached early morning at my allotted time (along with my team mates) to meet the owner. And in a few seconds, I am sitting face to face with a multi-billionaire personality (and all his scared assistants around). He is the owner of several Shopping Malls, Apartments and one of the renowned Real Estate Brands of India (a group worth above thousands of crores). He was talking about a Billion dollar deal at his land-line phone before he started listening to us.

I congratulated him for his success and briefed him as short as possible regarding the cultural initiative and the vision of the event. I also explained him the scope of association this event would bring in a very genuine way. He uttered his words of wisdom and immediately asked Rs. 20,000 for 4 hours for giving the facility referring it as ‘electricity and maintenance’ cost.

I had no issues with money but I was confused that is he blind or deaf on what I talked or what this proposal is all about. The manager was sinking in his chair with regret and embarrassment.

To respect that man and the manager, I said ‘Yes’ why not, let’s start the project.

And then Immediately, I was honored with the smile of owner for the first time

And then we shared some lighter moments and talks on the values, aesthetics of this world. Before winding up the meeting, I thought to offer him a small gift of our special CD as ‘token of remembrance’ and to make him see our music property. When I offered him the CD and told him that this is for you, he asked me very gently“Is it free or do I have to pay for it?” Well my artistic self was quite dominant that time and I told him that “it’s a gift for you and gave him 2 Albums free”

Well in my recent meeting with the real estate people few days ago, I was faced with same situation but my answer was different and i.e. – “It’s a license that you need to afford”

Have you ever asked a doctor non-hesitantly or taken him by default for free treatment or a lawyer for free consultation, or a CA for free accounting? Well even if you would want to, they won’t allow it. There are millions of them and they are all professionals.

Something that inspired me to write this ‘article’ is the motivation to ask orthodox businessmen that “if your property is not free, how can mine be?”

My Music is my Real Estate..! 😮

I advise every musician to respect their property when it comes to selling it. You should see it as your ‘Music Property’

Love & Regards

Kapil Srivastava © All Rights Reserved |
Music Consultant & Career Counselor | Marketing & Business Consultant |
Author & Trainer, Composer, Guitarist | Founder & Chairman – Guitarmonk Group of Companies


  1. Hmm Thank you sooo Much for this Post! Great views and I love how you told your story. Amazing!!! I’m also an artist, although my medium is not sound it is paint and fabric, and one of my questions that I have been asking is…”What makes a person Great?”

    For some reason I have this erie feeling that the answer to that question is written here. ♥


    Hosanna in the Highest!!!
    For His Love and Glory,
    ♥ Linda M

  2. Ok I’m back…I found the answer and your Post helped. Thank GOD.

    Revelation: “It’s not about How much, it’s about How many.”

    For instance it’s almost like that tree that falls in the middle of nowhere and people say it dose not make a sound for reason being there is no one around. I believe, it does make a sound regardless.

    So it’s about who….

    God is Love and if you do it for GOD, you do it for all…Thanks for the Help!
    God is GOOD! ♥
    Be Brilliant!

    “No one lights a lamp and puts it in a place where it will be hidden, or under a bowl. Instead he puts it on its stand, so that those who come in may see the light.” – Jesus (Luke 11:33)

    Hosanna in the Highest!
    For His Love and Glory,
    ♥ Linda M

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