The Day of My Wisdom Tooth Extraction – 2 July, 2012 (2:30 P.M)

It happened today and became an unforgettable, unique experience of life time. In just 1 hour I got rid of my ‘unwanted’ tooth. Although I am still at anesthesia effect while writing this post but very normal. I hope it doesn’t pain later. 3 days and I am back to chewing my favorite food and normal.

I advise everyone to must take care of their Dental health at the right time before you face a complex extraction or RCT at a pre-mature age.

My other long time doctor advised me to extract it for the last 2 years but I was too scared on the thought of it and today it is the end of it. Tooth extraction option at age of 28 is indeed traumatic to me. The reason is that I consistently ignored my minute teeth problem due to my busy routines of last 2 years.

It was a complex surgery but my doctor Dr. Anchal Goel made me so comfortable and raised my confidence very well.Thanks to her! and there was no problem during the procedure.

Let’s see 3 more days untill I am completely normal and then I can say that I am out of the phobia of ‘tooth extraction’ 🙂

Love and Regards


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