Vicky Donor – My 5 pick-points on an outstanding pick of the 21st Century

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What history failed to do, this movie has done. It has succeeded to present the censored idea of ‘sperm donation’ as an acceptance in the Indian society without a ‘Noise’.

You can never talk this topic more loudly in India, the way this movie has done.

This movie ducked censor board, critics, media and got released in no time. And as it is already released now so enough damage is done to conservatism and its dead remains.

Before I say my 5 pick-points about this unique story and movie ‘Vicky Donor’, I want to mention that substantial India is still clinging to conservatism where today couples are burnt, beaten for the expression of love. They say it ‘honor killing’. Even the educated class is contaminated by disease of conservatism be it IAS officers, Engineers, Doctors whatever. They beat their wives; they are without kids for years and have no open-ness or even communication in such topics of sex.

Here is my 5 pick-points and perspective for this movie –

  1. A thought revolution for young generation primarily who are born in 21st century. This movie will disconnect the illogical thinking imposed upon them and will either completely change or greatly influence their outlook on personal relationship, marriage, kids and values of love, sharing, happiness and forgiveness. This movie is a positive step to New Society and New Personality and a great blow to conservatism via topic of ‘sperm donations’.
  2. Divorce is not a Fuss or Judgement anymore – Accept and marry someone because you love them. Divorce is a condition of failures and losers and not the ones who move ahead and face life. This is a 2nd blow to conservatism.
  3. This movie moves beyond sexuality – is beautifully presented with nice humor, whole-heart acceptance, forgiveness and beauty around the subject of sex rather sexuality. Enough of Sexuality so far – this new generation is actually getting inspired to move and think beyond sex and accept reality. A practical approach to life. The climax of movie brings a wife that wants her husband to donate sperms for another family just to make them happy.
  4. Handle Relationships with Care – This movie teaches how you should take and manage bonds – a) The bond of old and modern techno-savvy mother-in-law (grand-mother of actor) with the mother of the actor – how both ladies share whisky, are blunt, open and straightforward to each other but loving and responsible inside. b) How the Grand Mother – accepts her grandson happiness and come over the ‘divorce’ issue like anything. c) the most important is ‘outside community marriage’ thinking – this movies shows how typical Bengali and typical Punjabi families merge and change into each other’s way with sheer acceptance and non-judgmental behavior. This is moving above ego, arrogance for life and happiness. Yes life and living doesn’t belong to people with superficial attitudes holding bigger egos. This is another wonderful blow to conservatism.
  5. Beautiful Script and Fresh Cast – Lastly I rank this movie above 3-Idiots as it inspires a ‘new stronger Indian personality’. It comprise of no established cast but fresh lead actors doing their debut and a very low budget movie. For a long time established actors failing to bring a hit even after spending Billions of Rupees. That is why I say it’s an outstanding pick of the time.

I advise everyone to watch this movie and share their opinion on it.

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