Rudiments of Guitar – A complete book and guide for every guitarist

Dear friends,

Guitar is one of the most demanding instruments these days. Needless to say that for the young generation, this instrument is generally the instrument of priority for learning. The few basic reasons are its universality and capacity to adapt different styles of music besides being able to express both rhythms and leads variations.

In my journey of learning guitar, I came across several issues, obstacles that I found as the common problems of every guitar learner. These issues if remain unanswered; becomes the major building block towards improvisations and reaching to higher levels of learning.  The non-systematic approach is one of the root causes of lack of skills, lack of vision and inadequate growth of a guitar learner despite giving best efforts, time and money to the subject.

Why most guitar players fail to be experts because they don’t have a sound understanding on the principles of Guitar to take it forward and knowledge of its diversified concepts and the facts, logics that runs behind them. Every guitarist must know the universal perspective, tricks and formulas that make your guitar simple and easy to understand.

This is my reason to bring out this book as ‘Rudiments of Guitar’. From the very basics of guitar concepts as scales, octaves, chords and music fundamentals, it will teach you even the principles of applying chords behind any leads. The book comprises of 200+ illustrations, is a 164 pages life time guide for all guitar lovers.

It’s further enclosed with a private forum having exercises, tunes references for you.

To see excerpts or obtain the book click below


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Kapil Srivastava


  1. Sir,
    I am interested in buying your book “Rudiments of Guitar”. Please mention the rate in Indian currency, the mode of payment and the details of despatch. I am from Coimbatore, Tamilnadu.
    R. Dominic Gerad

  2. Sir.
    Recently I purchased your book. “Rudiments of Guitar” by remitting Rs.520/= through Net Banking.Really it is a wonderful book. Further, you have mentioned in the excerpts of the book above, in the concluding line as,” It’s further enclosed with my Album and Video CD of exercises, tunes and practice material for you”. On receiving the package I could find only the book, nothing else as stated by you. Could you please tell me the reason for not enclosing the Video CD. If you provide that offer, kindly take steps to dispatch the same, which I hope would be useful to me. Awaiting your response in this regard. Thank you. Regards.
    Advocate. R. Dominic Gerad

    • Dear Mr. Dominic,

      Greetings! and Thanks for the complement.!

      You could have wrote the same enquiry at the guitarmonk’s official email only where you have had all communications and took decision to purchase my book. Because they are the better person to provide you with immediate solution. As all my management, sales is delegated to their responsibility and I am unaware about timings, terms of sales happening at any given point of time.

      I am happy that you appreciated my knowledge and I am sure that this book will give you lots of formulas to expand guitaring. Wish you all the best in same.

      Now regarding your query on CD with book. I think I have the answer of this so let me share you..(we are sharing same copies of book but didn’t edit the CD part as yet)

      We used to give the CD with this book a many years ago. After that all the videos in the CD got shared in YouTube only and got available as free there and also in a separate forum. Some extra exercises got posted in the separate private forum.

      I request you to paste your query and my answer (this whole conversation) at mail at You will be shared with a dedicated page with a password, where you can access important exercises and videos.

      I regret for the error missed by the admin and I will get it edited soon. Let me know if you have any more query. Feel free to write me in my email at


  3. Hi, i will love to compose songs with a guitar although i’m still a learner but am sure your book will help me, i dont knw how am going to get it, Can you please send the soft-copy through my e-mail i will appreciate it so much if you can do that for me. I’m a Nigerian.

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