Fake Brands Vs. Real Brands – Reaching to a Real Brand Value

If you have asked me 4-5 years ago that

  • Will I do and trust upon online shopping (and at times more than window buying)?
  • Will I spend thousands of dollars to purchase products via online and wait them for weeks at home?
  • Will I Invest and Pay Money to Google, FB etc.
  • And do much more impossible modern consumer habits and business acts.

I would have only said as ‘Not possible’ or ‘not even in my imagination’ and see just 4-5 years has happened and everything is what I am doing now –

5 years since 2007 and New Delhi City has changed to a New POMPOSITY – the indispensable habits of E-Shopping, Google & FB Marketing and emerging New Life Style Brands every now & then ……

Yes emerging New Life Style Brands every now & then ……Well this is my TOPIC for today in rapidly changing times

If you explore the realities of these brands (from a small single brand look shop to a larger chain of stores) and see how they hypnotize the local and larger market very well, generate faster funds, show big turnovers, do advertisements on TV (and locally) thus creating a larger and better attention for anyone in the territory. The reasons are very obvious for ‘Rat Race’ between Brands today as they create a faster ‘False Perception’ of a real quality in the mind of consumer.

 What is a Real Brand?

Is it the one that stands on Strong Testimonials, 90% success and overwhelmed feedback by customers, Years of Hard Work say 10 years, Consistency, Credibility, Improvisations, Goodwill and thus Trust Gained upon customers in course of time – as a Brand?


Is it the one that believes in pomposity of this New Delhi City, Glittering Stalls, Branding on T-shirt of Salesmen, Wall Branding, Hoardings, Glass Doors, Automated Billing, Credit Card, Coupons etc. and portraying them with Unique Brands Identities, Names/Logos but with Dead Spirits & Appetite for Customer’s Feedback?.(Leave the 1% exceptions here who are ‘perfectionist’ but the rest 99% who are representing as ‘Brands’)

I remember one of my experiences with a business associate in 2009, where he put a ‘Brand New Guitar’ on his wall ceiling (at the guitar institute) and wanted to sell the idea of ‘best presentation institute in Delhi-NCR’ as the value for selling the service to masses. I appreciated his creativity but didn’t support the idea of prioritizing the decoration over the ‘Real Values’ and ‘Respect for values’ that contains a Brand.

What I grew and felt for a Brand definition means -‘Trust Me’ and you won’t be cheated. A Brand is a face of a business model that has improvised to excellence with gradual growth, successes and winning customer relationships.

Today Indian Cities are flooded with ready-made branded foods at Food Bazaars in Hot Malls, Too much escalating Real Estate prices, $1 Lakh for a 2-3 Room Flat in New Delhi, and much more rapidly rising lifestyles.

And then I discovered a 1 liner unbridgeable difference between the ‘Real’ and ‘Fake’ Brands in today’s Un-Censored business world and i.e.

“Fake Brands can sprout anywhere in a day, they may even appeal and appear better than ‘Real Brands’ on the periphery, whereas Real Brands take its own course of time, and stands on entirely different values and factors at its depth.”

Authored by Kapil Srivastava ©


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